What we do

We provide advice and support for adults aged between 18 and 65.

We’re here to help you to understand your drinking, and provide you with advice and support to help you reduce the harm it’s doing to you, by bringing your drinking to safer levels – and if you want to, we can help you stop drinking all together.

We operate an open access referral system, so you can contact us via our single point of contact telephone number (01709 447210) to arrange an assessment with us, you can also ask your GP to refer you to us.

Here’s what we can offer:

  • Advice and information
  • General health and harm reduction advice to help you drink more safely
  • One-off advice sessions
  • Short term planned one-to-one sessions
  • Structured one-to-one interventions
  • Acupuncture to reduce cravings and reduce any anxiety symptoms you may have
  • Access to groups/support networks so you can talk to other people who have similar experiences to you
  • Assessment and access to medical treatment
  • Detoxification (in hospital or at home)
  • Access to residential rehabilitation
  • Social work support.

Whatever your need, don’t suffer in silence, we’re here to help and we’re just a phone call away.